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Choosing Your Wedding Vendors

Choosing your vendors doesn't have to be stressful! Here's a few tips from the pro's at Bar J Ranch!

Check your venue for a preferred vendors list! This is a selection of vendors that your venue knows and trusts!

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews! Vet your vendors before you hire them! Keep in mind that people are typically faster to take to social media with a complaint than some kudos, but if your vendor of choice doesn't have their reviews turned on or have predominately bad reviews, take that as a red flag!

Each photographer has a different style of editing! Their social media will easily display their style, whether its darky and moody or light and airy or so forth. Remember that social media is just a curated, highlight reel of what they feel is their best images from each gallery. If you wish to see more of their work, do not be afraid to ask to see their portfolio. In some instances, venues will offer a photographer with their package. In that case, inquire with your specific venue on how you would go about changing or upgrading that specific vendor!

THIS is the life of your party! If your guests are not having a good time, they will not stay! The DJ also helps keep your timeline flowing smoothly. Make sure to hire someone who is inviting and fun!

DONT STRESS THE CAKE! Yes, the cake is pretty and fun. Yes, its tradition to cut the cake and so forth, and take pictures but DO NOT STRESS THE CAKE. We can tell you of ONE wedding where we didn't end up tossing a LOT of the cake. Your guests are drinking and have eaten dinner already. Do not go broke on your wedding cake! While a groom's cake is FUN, it is not necessary. However, it does typically showcase whatever your fella's hobby is! It's YOUR wedding, do not feel pressured to do all the "things". Keep your budget in mind and DONT STRESS THE CAKE!

Remember that whole, "how do I select my guest list" dilemma? It's back into play here. Catering is a large part of the expense for your wedding. You are essentially taking each guest to dinner & picking up the tab! If you are on a budget & doing your own catering, pasta is the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to go. If you are hiring a caterer, we highly recommend paying the additional fee for them to staff & serve. They handle the mess, so that you don't have to!

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