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Do I Need a Day of Coordinator?

Do I need a Day of Coordinator? Without hesitation, we would say YES! If you can budget for a Day of Coordinator, you should absolutely do so. While this isn't a requirement for a successful wedding day execution, it does relieve TONS of stress.

What does a Day of Coordinator do? The short answer is EVERYTHING! They do everything in their power to ensure that you, the bride, do not feel any of the wedding day hiccups. Yes, wedding day hiccups happen. There is one major "uh-oh" at MOST weddings. Ask us, we will tell you, we are professional wedding attendees, aka Day of Coordinators. As such, we get to see the ups and downs of each wedding / reception. We handle everything from the moment that you walk through the gates of the property in the morning. If you need help unloading the car, we are there. We make sure that the bride and her tribe are snuggled into their suite & then begin tirelessly working to ensure that all of the details are "just so".

  • make sure the table set ups are crisp and free of wrinkles / debris

  • ensure that all lighting is on, and doors are open for access

  • assist photographer in rounding up details/people for photographs

  • make sure the vendors arrive timely & have the proper accommodations

  • ensure that guests are where they need to be at the proper time (if the ceremony and reception are in the same location)

  • make sure the bridesmaids have their bouquets and the groomsmen have their boutineers

  • assist with line up for the wedding party

  • fix the brides dress before she exits the barn for her bridal march

  • one of our personal faves is being the baby wranglers for the kiddos that can't sit still for the ceremony -- or reception we aren't picky :) (follow our page, we always get the babies)

  • upon exit from ceremony, assist the guests with returning to the inside of the venue

  • make sure the DJ & bartender have everything they need to maintain wedding guests while the photographer does photos with the bridal party

  • We have 2 coordinators, so at this point, one is inside maintaining the guests and one is outside assisting the photographer with making sure no one has sunglasses on their heads, gum in the mouths, cell phones in their pockets, etc.

  • If the couple chooses to let their guests eat while they finish up their photographs, the coordinator makes plates for the couple and covers them on their table for their convenience after their "grand entry"

  • many times, throughout the day we check in with the bride and offer all of the hype! We love to watch their beautiful bridal transformations and offer them words of encouragement throughout the day while putting out mini fires. Forgot safety pins? that's ok! Forgot a razor? Thats ok! Forgot pins for the boutineers? Thats ok! You need a Band-Aid? We can handle that! Forgot the garter? Let us call one of your party that hasn't arrived yet to grab one up on the way! We can pretty well help you stomp out any mini catastrophes that will arise through the course of the day!

Is that all? This is a very broad list of what a coordinator handles throughout the course of a day. There are many more tedious tasks that take place in between. The coordinator is an extension of the bride and serves as her right hand. Anything the bride needs is your coordinators top priority.

If you cannot afford a Day of Coordinator, do not despair! Your day can be just as successful and amazing! Delegate some tasks to your lady friends who aren't a part of the wedding and want to help out in some way. Make a list of all the things that are important to you and check them off throughout the day. Most of all, enjoy YOUR day. This is the one day in your life that is solely about you! Soak it up, sister!

**Day of Coordination is included with every wedding booking at the Bar J Ranch. We look forward to an opportunity to help you create and execute your dream "best day ever"!

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