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Don't Stress Over Your Wedding Dress!!

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We know, we know, wedding dress shopping can be overwhelming! Where do you start? Should you purchase online or in person? How far is advance should you start shopping? How much should you spend? Which style is most flattering for your body type? Below is a list with a few of our favorites, one from an online retailer and the rest from local bridal boutiques in Jacksonville, Florida.

How far in advance you start shopping all depends on your preference and how far out your wedding date is. Make sure that you set aside enough time to send off for alterations and receive your dress back, in time for your big day! How much you should spend solely depend on your budget and your comfort zone. You will, after all, only be wearing it for one night. Do not overspend on your dress budget and stress yourself out. $200 or $2000, no one is going to know what you spent on your dress, unless you tell them. To decide on which style is most flattering for your body type, we suggest an in-person consultation at a bridal boutique so that you can get a full visual before you purchase. Book an appointment, grab your bride tribe, and head out!

Lulus has a great selection of affordable dresses on their website. If you're comfortable with ordering online and working within a smaller budget, this is a phenomenal resource! This particular dress is one of our favorites that sells for $228.00.

One Bridal is a locally owned bridal boutique in Jacksonville, Florida. They carry amazing gowns in a variety of styles. This one speaks to our Boho side! This particular designer, Madi Lane, starts at $1600.00

Can't find a dress to hug your curvy figure in all the right places? Look no farther! Curve Bridal at Jacksonville Beach has got you covered! Curve is a plus size bridal boutique catering specifically to our beautiful, full-figured brides! This particular designer, Essence of Australia, starts retailing at $1500.00

French Novelty is located in Jacksonville, Florida. They carry a variety of formal dresses, including but not limited to wedding gowns, etc. They carry a versatile collection to accommodate most budgets. This particular dress is made by the designer Mon Cheri retails for $1149.00

This simple, sophisticated gem can be found at The White Magnolia. This dress is from the Paloma Blanca Collection. This collection retails from $2000.00 - $2700.00.

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