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How much wedding cake is enough?

Instagram: Smaller cakes are in! You do not have to blow your whole budget on a wedding cake large enough to accommodate your guest count! Opt for a smaller "wedding cake" & purchase cupcakes or a sheet cake to accommodate the remaining guest count. This makes it easier for your vendor to get cake out to your guests faster as well! Win/win! This is a time & money saver!

Let's be real here, do you remember what the cakes looked or tasted like at the weddings that you have been to? We all want the traditional cake cutting photos but at what cost? You do not have to create an excess cake budget to achieve those amazing cake photos. Check with your local baker and a simple 2 tier cake will suffice! In addition, you can order a sheet or half sheet cake and the staff can have it cut, plated, and ready to go by the time you cut your wedding cake.

On the other side of the coin, if cake is deal breaker for you, ORDER THE CAKE! We all have our "top three", if this is one of your must haves, make accommodations to make this happen. It is after all your ONE big day!

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