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How, Who, & What to Delegate on your Wedding Day!

Trying to plan your dream wedding day and keep the stress low key is a whole task in and of itself. We are sharing with you a few of the easiest ways to cut out some of the joy stealing conundrums that can arise from trying to do it all by yourself on your big day!

If your venue offers a day of coordinator, UTILIZE IT TO THE FULLEST! The coordinator is your stunt double, your right hand, your emergency management system. They ensure that everything flows smoothly & that all of your team players are in their assigned positions at the proper time. If there is a blip, you likely will not even know until it has been resolved, if at all! Let them help you! If your venue does not offer a Day of Coordinator, we highly encourage you to consider hiring one. If you cannot hire one, below are a few more little tips & tricks!

Everyone wants to feel important in the big scheme of things. They all want to play a role in your big day. Sometimes that entails more than just looking beautiful and walking down the aisle! Here are a few things that you can task your bridesmaids with:

  • confirming hair and makeup appointments

  • an emergency kit containing all the "things" -- needle, thread, tampons, Band-Aids, tweezers, scissors, double sided tape, hair spray, anything that may tend to be forgotten.

  • bouquets & boutineers - making sure everyone is fully dressed, to include the floral accent, before show time.

  • the rings - we legitimately had a couple exchange their vows and when they got to the ring part - no rings! Most times, the ring bearer does not truly have the rings, DONT FORGET THE RINGS!

When you try to keep control of all of the aspects of your big day, the wheels tend to start falling off! Utilize your resources and let people help you make your best day ever, truly the BEST day ever!

Do WHAT? You want ME to give MY cellphone to someone else? Yes, yes we do! It will make a world of difference in the flow of your day! If you want to cut down on stress, and answering the same questions 400 times, give someone reliable your cellphone. Aunt Gertie is going to get lost, your hubby needs a list of what to bring with him, 5 guests have last minute issues, and 5 more had something come up and want to let you know that they can't make it. Do yourself a favor and delegate your cellphone to someone else and enjoy your whole day!

NOBODY wants to deal with a hangry Bride or Bride Tribe! Call in a favor from Aunt Sally, grandma, your mother in law, your best friends momma, or anyone not actually IN your bridal party. Ask them if they would mind bringing by some brunch and mimosas! The Bride Tribe typically arrives first thing in the morning, so you' ll definitely need something to hold you over to maintain throughout the entire night!

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