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Maloy+Dymond - A little bit of pampas, a little bit of terra cotta & a whole lot of LOVE!

Some unions are undoubtedly pre-orchestrated and there's a definitive line depicting such. Ashley's brother told Brandon & Ashley long ago that they were going to get married one day. And 10-21-23 was that one day! Unfortunately, some years ago, Waylon traded in his number #515 for angel wings. Although her ceremony was scheduled to start at promptly 5:00 things can do on wedding days, we were delayed and Ashley breached the doors of the aisle at exactly 5:15... her guests erupted in "#515" "Waylon Maloy" ... signifying that this was no doubt a match made in Heaven.

These are the moments we absolutely love what we do. Creating the perfect event and being present to witness memories that will absolutely last a lifetime!

Shine bright like a DYMOND! Congratulations to the Dymond family!

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