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Meet Jolene -- Our 1953 Vintage, GMC Truck


Meet the newest addition to the Bar J family, Jolene. Joleanin' a little to the left at the moment, but we are going to doctor her boo boos and have her ready for photos in no time. She will be maintaining her rustic, farm charm, but we are going to repair a few things to put her best foot forward! In addition to renting Jolene for photos, we are going to be offering decor packages to photographers who choose to book at Bar J Ranch for photos. This means we will set up everything that you need for your mini sessions as part of your package pricing and all you have to do is show up, take your photographs, and leave! No more purchasing decor and cramming it in the hallway closet!


Rentals will include use of Joelene, the GMC truck, as well as the endless photo opportunities throughout the grounds at the Ranch. This is solely for use outside of the actual barn itself.


Photographers & their clients will be required to sign a release and hold harmless agreement to participate in any activities at Bar J Ranch. Photographers will be responsible for making sure their clients do not leave any trash behind on the premises. We love sharing our little slice of paradise with you, so please help us keep it looking its best!


Single Session - One Client

$50 per hour

Mini Sessions -Multiple Clients

$100 per hour

Decor Starting at -


Decor packages will start at $250. We have our own on-site decorating company and can put together most mini sessions you can conjure up! Let's chat and see if we can get your next set of mini sessions on the books! Bookings are not live as of yet but will available primarily on Sundays.


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