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Mimosas & Yoga & Goats -- OH MY!

Have you ever attended a yoga session, WITH GOATS? We aren't much on yoga, or workout routines, period... but this Goat Yoga thing is where it's at. Can you hold a frown on your face while watching baby goats parade around, playing king of the mountain on your neighbors back? If you answered yes, we challenge you to grab a friend and put yourself to the test! Not only is the yoga instructor talking to you in a calm, soothing voice, but "baby goat" is head butting you to claim his stake on your yoga mat, causing you to at least for a moment, forget about your stresses and relax! This particular class was held at our event venue in Middleburg, Florida. However, if you are not local or couldn't make it to an already scheduled class, or have a venue of your own, this is a fun adventure requiring people to both visit your location and get out of their comfort zone!


We paired up with Charity Lynn Photography ( & Green Cove Goat Yoga to bring this fun class to you, our friends! Enjoy a few of our photos below!


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