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Selecting Your Guest List

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

How do I decide my guest list? I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings!

Your guest count directly affects the cost of your big day, in several ways. Catering, beverages, and venue capacity, are three of the main correlations. Here are a few tips and tricks for selecting your guest list!

  • Bridal Party

  • Immediate Family

  • Extended Family

  • Close Friends -- these are the people that you can call on to help you move, paint your spare bedroom, change a tire... these people support your "why".

Our favorite comparison is ... Would you take these guests out to a formal dinner and pick up the tab for their food and beverages? That is essentially what you are doing by inviting them to your wedding. You are providing them with dinner, beverages (alcoholic or non), and providing them with entertainment.

It is not a requirement to invite everyone you know to your wedding. Do not feel an obligation to fall into that rut! This day is about YOU! Don't lose focus.

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