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Stock the Bar without breaking the bank!

You've already stolen his heart, but you won't need to steal his wallet to stock the bar if you use this money saving hack!

Invite your friends over for a bon fire, cook out, or "stock the bar" party as we call it and let them help you provide the adult beverages for your big day. You provide them with hamburgers and hotdogs, and they provide you with the booze! Whatever they bring for themselves to drink for the evening, they must replicate and bring one for you as well (case of beer, bottle of wine, bottle of vodka, etc.) This saves you on average $500 or better on purchasing alcohol for your reception.

Another perk of a stock the bar party is variety. Your guests will inevitably always bring you something from every corner of the spectrum. This takes the guess work out of it for you when deciding WHAT you should stock the bar with! You get what you get, and you don't pitch a fit, right?! Just kidding... maybe.

Don't forget that every wedding booked at Bar J Ranch comes with a bartender! This is Ginger! She keeps your guests from getting thirsty and gives them the liquid courage needed to bust a move on the dance floor and boogie the night away!

You won't leave seeing triple... but we promise you'll leave with a smile (and in this guy's case the seam busted out of the seat of his pants) and memories to last a lifetime! We can't wait for you to experience Bar J Ranch. Come as strangers, leave as friends!

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