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Teepees & Floating Globes - what an unexpected treat!

It is always our favorite when our clients provide us with an inspiration board and let us set to work. It is a treat, every single time, to see their faces when they enter the barn to see their vision brought to life! Tee pees? ok! I hear you! What a versatile choice of decor! This would look so cute incorporated into a woodland theme for little girls or even swap the florals out for something neutral or male specific. Toss in some twinkle lights for a warm shower feel. Bridal shower? Yes, lets do it! These floating globes were a last minute after thought because we couldn't quite put our finger on the missing piece. They added a fun little fancy flair, and we are here for it!

Well, hello there, icing on the cake! These globes are just what these teepee's needed to accent them for the perfect simple, reception decor!

Bar J Ranch is home to its very own full decor company, and we pride ourselves on providing top notch quality and service to all of our clients. Let us handle all of the stress & mess and you handle making the memories!

**excuse our cell phone quality photos, but we just couldn't not share these!


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