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To unplug or not to unplug?

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Are unplugged ceremonies the way to go or is that just too much?!

We see a great mixture of unplugged and plugged ceremonies! There are great points to both ways! The biggest point that comes to mind when choosing an unplugged is in the crazy, unfortunate chance that something happened to your photographer's sim card, or maybe they just didn't come through with your photos for some reason or another... You are 100% out of pictures of your ceremony! We are also a sucker for candid, un-staged photos. Sometimes, the photos you receive from your guests will hands down trump the ones your photographer captured. Trust us, we see it happen! It's not because the photographer is not amazing, it's just the nature of the beast & the beauty of the perception from your guest's perspective! The unplugged option does ensure that you will not have elbows and arms and cell phones in the aisle while the photographer is trying to catch your grand entry. However, you can have your emcee or officiant remind your guests prior to the bridal party entry that they need to keep the aisle free of appendages and electronics!

Was your wedding unplugged? Why or why not!? We love hearing different perspectives!

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