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What corners are NOT okay to cut?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

There are many instances for your wedding day that it is absolutely okay to cut corners. There are a couple of instances, though, that it is absolutely detrimental to the successful execution of your dream wedding day.

Did you know that a good DJ is also your timekeeper? He helps exponentially in managing the time to keep your reception flowing smoothly. He or she multi tasks through the entirety of your event!

  • They are solely responsible for making sure that the correct music is playing for your bridal party & bridal march

  • They keep tabs on the time to ensure that "all of the things" take place. i.e. - cake, garter & bouquet, individual dances, sparkler send off, toasts, etc.

  • They are responsible for reading the crowd and ensuring that your guests stay engaged and are having a good time.

More expensive doesn't ALWAYS mean better. However, you will need to carefully vet references and reviews to ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

The only thing that you will leave your wedding day with, is your spouse, your memories, and the photos captured by your photographer.

Each photographer has a different style of editing. Some will be light and airy, and some will be darker and more dramatic. Make sure that the photographer that you choose aligns with the vision that you have for the final outcome of your photos. Bear in mind that the photos that you see on Instagram & Facebook are a highlight reel of what that photographer feels is their best work. Do not be afraid to ask to view a portfolio of wedding photos to get a complete feel for how your gallery will turn out. Make sure to review your contract to ensure that the date and location is correct and that you are the familiar with the turnaround time & hours that you are booking. Make a list of your must have photos to avoid any communication break downs!

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