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Meet the faces behind Bar J Ranch

Bar J Ranch is a name that spans back through many years for the Smith family. AJ & Arletta Smith have farmed many things throughout their lives and own the property that the barn sits on. We only thought it fitting to name our venue Bar J Ranch.

Michele is a momma of one, a GIGI of one, and a bonus GIGI of numerous others. She is a fur momma to Nikki, a geriatric Yorkie & several cows and horses. If you've ever read those Facebook posts that go something like "what's the weirdest place that you fell in love?" Michele & Michael take the cake. Tanner's parking lot on the West Side of Jacksonville, many moons ago! If Michele had spare time, we would go into one of those long walks on the beach spills, but we aren't quite sure what spare time is at this stage of the game. Our weekends in the Fall are filled with hunting and Weddings and our weekends throughout the rest of the year are spent improving our little venue to make the best experience possible for our clients. Michele is the talent behind the majority of the floral pieces you will see utilized in our events. If you want someone to put a lot of thought, sometimes too much, into your event, this is your gal!

Casey is a momma of 4 kiddos ranging from high schoolers to kindergarten. She is a fur momma (okay grand-momma) to one insane Aussie Heeler named Outlaw. Intriguing name, you say? Well, it's because I outlawed dogs once our two geriatric ones passed away this last year and this mean thing still made the cut! We also own horses ranging in size from Clydesdale down to mini and one big fat mini dexter bull named Pistol Pete. Casey is the one that likes to roll up with the crazy ideas for Michele to decide how to pull off. "What if..." is a deadly phrase around the Bar J Ranch and usually ends up being followed up with some kind of shenanigans.

If you don't find us at the barn, you can usually find us at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or some other store picking up items for our ridiculously large inventory of decor. We love bringing our clients visions to life. We probably shouldn't admit this but when you leave from booking your events, we do a little happy dance & high five each other. We do the same when your eyes light up at your event because everything is just right! We appreciate each and every one of our events, big or small and are so grateful that our clients trust us with their milestones. Your trust in our capabilities helps bring our small business dream to life!

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