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A Red Bowtie Affair

Traditional who? It's 2024 -- YOU make the rules! The Combs' opted for a Til death theme with Black being the main color and a deep burgundy / red palette for their accent color.



The Combs' came to us with a color scheme but not an actual vision set in stone as to what their day would look like. The agreed on the color scheme, but one was set on skulls/ skeletons, and one was set against them. It was fun to be able to create a balance of til death and elegant to encompass the wishes of both parties.

Men without a clear vision. Without an actual visual representation of what the decor would look like, the Combs' were apprehensive about the outcome of their wishes. No fear, the Bar J is here!! We met with them multiple times for them to critique their decor and actually lay their eyes on each part of the decor that would make up their day.

They opted for busy centerpieces with a clean, clear tabletop. Black & deep red florals combined with some whimsy greenery, vines, and faux branches erupting from the center of their arrangements nailed it for the perfect blend of elegant & til death.

For the perfect pop of "til death" skull additions, the aisle was adorned with skeletons holding bouquets. There was a single velvet skull placed at the cake table. And a skull lantern arrangement on the guest book table.

Nobody parties quite like the Bar J. But -- the Combs' guests were quite the party crowd!

What better spooky element than red smoke bombs to match your perfect, best day ever! (I'm still rocking the burn from that stinking bomb on my shoulder -- thanks guys! )

I'd say Charity Lynn Photography ( captured this one just perfectly. Congratulations to the Combs'. We wish you a lifetime of happy memories and look forward to seeing you back at the Ranch in the future!

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