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To First Look or Not to First Look?!

Weddings are so much fun! Especially in the aspect that each one is so vastly different. The short answer to the question "To first look or not to first look?" is, it's YOUR day, so do whatever YOU want.

First looks are a really great addition to your photo gallery because let's face it, when all eyes are on us, we are trying to be as in control of the moment and our emotions as we can. We certainly don't want one of our guests sitting on the main aisle to catch a shot of us ugly crying with a double chin, while walking down the aisle on our wedding day & blast it all over social media for all of the world to see!

A first look creates an intimate moment with you and your partner where you can let your guard down and get all of those first moment jitters out of the way. There's no audience, just you - your partner- and the camera in a raw moment of vulnerability that will make your heart smile each time to look back through the memories of your best day ever!

Dads are deserving of first looks too! Don't forget your first love! Moms often get to spend the day getting ready with the bride so it's fun to give dad his private moment to see his princess before he has to give her away.

Don't really want to spoil the element of surprise for walking down the aisle?! First touch is a thing too. You don't have to actually lay eyes on each other. If you choose to exchange private vows, these are often done with a door in between and make for a fun photo element as well.


The added bonus of choosing to do a first look is that you can get the bulk of your bridal portraits done BEFORE your ceremony. That is twofold, you're not hot and sweaty from standing outside in the Florida humidity reciting your vows at the end of your ceremony ... and you will spend more time at your reception and less time outside taking your bridal portraits.

At the end of the day, everyone's wedding and timeline looks different. Choose the shoe that fits right for you and wear it.

Happy Wedding Planning! See you at the Ranch!

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